Once a week, 50% of all transaction fees collected from Consumer to Merchant Transactions from the Monarch Hot Wallet will be used to buy back Monarch Utility Tokens (MT), which will be distributed amongst all holders of Monarch Security Tokens (MTS).

The Monarch Dividend Structure will promote usage and growth inside the ecosystem. Transacting Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) inside the Hot Wallet infrastructure will give users a 50% discount on transaction fees (when used with merchants) and completely free (when transacted peer-to-peer).

Example: If 1000 BTC was transacted in the Monarch Hot Wallet ecosystem in the last week at a fee of 2%, then there will be 20 BTC in total transaction fees. 50% of the total transactions of 20 BTC will be distributed among MTS Holders. The 10 Bitcoin collected from the transactions fees will be used to buy Monarch Utility Tokens in the Monarch Exchange and then distributed among MTS Holders. Additionally, 10% of the 20 BTC collected as transaction fees will be used to buy silver as an asset backing behind the Monarch Security Token. This leaves 40% of the transactions fees to promote development for Monarch.