Monarch and its users all benefit from having a two-token system, which is made of Monarch Security Tokens (MTS) and Monarch Utility Tokens (MT).

MTS tokens will be backed by silver assets (10% of Token Sale funds will be allocated to backing the security with physical silver assets). By holding MTS tokens, users will receive weekly dividends in the form of MT tokens. Moreover, 10% of all transaction fee revenues will be allocated to increasing the amount of silver backing until each token is backed by 1 oz. of silver – giving MTS tokens a price floor and added stability.

However, we are also issuing a third type of token called Monarch Promo Token, which was created to encourage user adoption before the Token Sale is completed. Anyone using the platform will be eligible to earn Monarch Promo Tokens by using the App or by raising awareness. Monarch Promo Tokens will be swapped in a 1-to-1 ratio for Monarch Utility Tokens (MT) post-TGE.

MT tokens will be used within the Monarch App and Exchange. Peer-to-peer MT tokens transactions will be 100% free. In addition, users will earn “cash back” rewards for using MT tokens to purchase goods and services. Retailers who use Monarch Payment products (such as our eCommerce Plugins for WordPress or Shopify) will pay less fees and keep more money per transaction.