My deposit or withdrawals don't show up in app!

It seems there’s an update issue on your phone, please make sure you have your seed safe and accessible, then unlink the app in the profile page, delete the app, reinstall the app from Google Or Apple Store, enter the seed, login to your Monarch account in-app and all should be shown. In addition, you can always log in to your dashboard to see your interest transactions here at Please keep me posted, God Bless.

Where are coins held for interest?

Coins leave your cold wallet and are transferred to a hot wallet that are held in BitGo and lent out to hedge funds/exchanges/institutional traders. Don’t forget! Any time your coins are lent out, up to 150% of the value is provided in another collateral (typically USD).

Maximum Withdrawal for Interest?

There are no limits on withdrawals; it’s YOUR money. For your protection, there is a daily withdrawal limit of $20,000. To withdraw more than that, simply email and verify your identity, we will then process your withdrawal within 24 hour

Is there a minimum deposit amount for interest?

No! We want to be as inclusive as possible.

How is interest paid?

Interest will be deposited directly into your app. It is calculated from Friday to Thursday and distributed Mondays. This means if your first deposit is on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday your first interest distribution will be the following Monday (you will not receive interest the first Monday).

When is interest paid?

Interest is paid every Monday. Great way to start your week, right?

In what currency is interest paid?

Currently, interest is paid in-kind. This means you’ll earn BTC on your BTC, ETH on your ETH, and so on. Eventually, users will be able to also choose to earn interest in the Celsius token, CEL, at even better rates!

Why do the interest rates keep changing?

Our interest rates will be updated weekly based on the demand in the market. If an institution is willing to pay a high price for certain coins, we’ll share that spike in earnings with you! We are trying to keeping interest rates above 3% for all the assets supported in the app.

How do you determine the interest rate?

The interest rates are evaluated weekly based on market demand and our earnings from the previous week and are subject to change at any point in time.

What are the earned interest rates?

Our interest rates start at 3% and go up to 7.1%. You can see current rates in the Monarch Wallet interest page, click see rates.

How do I start earning interest?

You deposit your crypto! You’ll start earning right away. Interest is paid out every Monday.

Why doesn’t interest compound?

Our business model does not account for compounding interest – we’d rather give you the highest rates possible, always! Compounded interest is simply not a sustainable business model at this time.

When I make a withdrawal, am I withdrawing my deposit or my interest?

When you withdraw from your Celsius Network wallet, your deposits are always withdrawn first. For example, if you deposit 100 BTC and withdraw 100 BTC after six months, all that would remain would be the interest you earned on that BTC. If you withdraw 25 BTC, 75 BTC would remain in your wallet plus the interest you previously earned. You would then continue earning on the 75 BTC remaining from your deposit, as you do not earn interest on interest

More info can be found at who is out interest partner

God Bless