ERC20 Tokens and SLP Tokens sent to your Monarch addresses are there, they may not be visible but they are there if you sent them to the correct address. If they are not being shown you probably need to add the token to main wallet page so it becomes visible. Please follow the steps bellow.

Adding ERC20 and SLP tokens is simple with Monarch. 

On your main wallet page look to the top upper right hand corner and click the plus symbol ➕

Now you can search for your ERC20 or SLP token in the search field.

Once you locate the ERC20 or SLP token you are trying to add simply click it, ensure the contract address, name, decimals are correct then click add.

If you don't see the ERC20 or SLP token you are trying to add in the search field go to: for ERC20 

or for SLP

Then type in the token you are trying to add, locate the correct token, then copy the contract address.

Go back to the Monarch add token screen and paste the proper contract address, name, ticker and decimals,

ensure it's all correct and then click add.

The added ERC20 or SLP token will now be visible on you main wallet page and any ERC20 or SLP tokens you added will now be visible.

Here is a step to step video on how to re-add tokens: