HI there, sorry for the frustrations. Here are a few suggestions. Every blockchain works a little differently. So for instance, if you are using the MAX send all button you may not be able to send all your tokens or coins. 

Take for example:

Ethereum ERC20 tokens, these all require that you have ETHEREUM in your wallet to actually send ERC20 tokens. You CANNOT send ERC20 tokens without actual Ethereum in your wallet to cover the ETHEREUM network fees. So if you're trying to send an ERC20 token, make sure you have Ethereum in your wallet or your tokens will not send.

XLM, they will not allow you to send all your coins you have to keep ONE in your wallet at all times, so if you have 10 try sending 9 and it should go through. This is an XLM thing, not Monarch thing.

XRP requires you keep 20 coins in your wallet at all times, this is their requirements, not ours. So if you have 100 XRP coins you can only send 80. Again this is an XRP thing not a Monarch thing.

BTC and BCH requires you leave enough in your wallet to cover the miner fees, this again is not a Monarch fee this is a Bitcoin network fee. So try sending a lesser amount and see if your transaction goes through. We shortly will push out an update that will calculate all the network fees for you. In the meantime try sending a lesser amount and again this is a Bitcoin thing not Monarch thing :-)

Thank you again for your support and loyalty, it means the world to us, we will continue to bring more awesome decentralized and even centralized services for your use.